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Rusty Egan

Creative Consultant. DJ. Raconteur. Musician. A subject of this story. Claim to fame: made Heroes out of Kraftwerk with a TRS-80 in hand.

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Bruce Ashley


Media alchemist, content purveyor.

Claim to fame: survived years of high decibel ridden edit rooms in the 80s.

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Ian Penman

Executive Producer

Entertainment Lawyer.

Claim to fame: can play Chopin on a Moog while sealing a deal.

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Andy Woodford

Executive Producer.

Rainmaker, entrepreneur and artist aficionadoHas been seen to emerge somewhat unscathed from Ibizian after parties.

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Robert Elms

Celebrated, writer, historian and broadcaster. Seminal Blitz Kid, straight out of Hendon. Conjured Spandau Ballet. Just the kind of character you'd want on your pub quiz team, especially when it comes to jazz. 

Michael Donald

Director/photographer DoP

& filmaker. Drummed up portraits for 

the likes of Charlie Watts to Scorcese.  Dont' mess with his Hasselblad!

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